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Full Version: Fun with Movie Titles!
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Fun with Movie Titles!

Have you ever had a long, short, painful, noisy, monstrous, or smelly fart?
I think we've all been in one or two situations... so why not name them using a movie title!

To keep this thread clean, we have renamed the word "fart" to "fadoosle"!

How to Play:
Think of a movie title that would best describe a "fadoosle" that you've seen, felt, or one that you just want to name because, its funny.

1. Gone With The Wind
2. To Kill a Mockingbird
3. Fast and Furious
4. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (my personal favourite)

I know you're all dying to name your "fadoosle" using a movie title, so begin posting away!

[Image: cartoon03fart.jpg]
The Sound of Music!

Die Hard Tongue
the storm Smile

the storm Smile
Honey I Blew Up The Kid Tongue
PAIN AND GAIN Big Grin Nice thread Dom Tongue
An Inconvenient Truth
Total Recall Tongue

Nice thread from you again mate. 8-)
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