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Full Version: Birthday Tourney for ⑧TIGERQUEEN♛35К
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Happy Birthday ⑧TIGERQUEEN♛35К!!! 11/03/2016
Snooker, best of 3, no break, no guide
Host Ƭeä๓⑧๓o๓

⑧TIGERQUEEN♛35К, Tigs, rate 59
⑧Mrs Joker, Aby, rate 47
Dɨʀʈʏʂɯeet, Bob, rate 56
⑧ BlindBird, rate 48
POLIZIΔ Di STΔTO, Ding, rate 93
K⑧p!T3⑧, Mike, rate 59
①s LΞΛĐΞR, Mamz, rate 58
l£w15 1, Lewis, rate 59

late arrivals
Pαιи֍Rεţuяηs, Abdi, rate 79
(¢) Maywheather, Abrar, rate 65
bruno ①, Bruno, rate 67
Ƭeä๓⑧๓o๓, Laurie, rate 41

Round 1
Ding V Lewis 1-0 Ding, lewis forfeit
Mike V Tigs 2-1 Mike, relinquished future round to Tigs
Mamz V Bob 2-0 Mamz
Aby V Bird 0-2 Bird
Abdi V Bruno 2-0 Abdi
Abrar V Laurie 2-1 Abrar

Round 2
Ding V Abdi 2-0 Ding
Tigs V Mamz 0-2 Mamz
Abrar V Bird 2-1 Abrar

Final Round
Ding V Mamz 1-0 Ding
Ding V Abrar 2-1 Ding, bo3 since Mamz left

Winner Ding. Congratulations Ding, well played everyone. Thanks to all who participated in the birthday tournament for ⑧TIGERQUEEN♛35К. Hope you enjoyed it Tigs. We love you and hope you had a very special day. See you all around the tables.
Thank you so much to make me feel so special to have a tourney for me Laurie Smile I had a really great time for sure and it's not difficult at all when I'm with my lovely friends you know Big Grin Heart xx
CONGRATULATIONS Ding. well done job Smile
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