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Full Version: Laurie's Birthday Tourny
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Laurie's Birthday Tourny

Phillip Beale27k⑧ (52) vs BlindBird-ce (50) 0-2
⑧ ƇHƐƐƘƵ ღ (28) vs ⑧TIGERQUEEN♛35К (58) 2-0
ҬЄѦӍ Ӎ⑧Ӎ (41) vs SARAH (45) 0-2
l£w15 1 (58) vs ΚӨPIƬΣ ⑧ LFC (59) 2-1
Mεηtคl Иoob (69) vs ᴋ๐͢ᴘᴙᴇ (58) 1-2
DirtySweet cfc (56) vs leechy (0) 2-0

BlindBird-ce (50) vs DirtySweet cfc (56) 2-0
ҬЄѦӍ Ӎ⑧Ӎ (41) vs ⑧ ƇHƐƐƘƵ ღ (28) 2-1
l£w15 1 (58) vs ᴋ๐͢ᴘᴙᴇ (58) 2-1

BlindBird-ce (50) vs ҬЄѦӍ Ӎ⑧Ӎ (41) 1-0
l£w15 1 (58) vs ҬЄѦӍ Ӎ⑧Ӎ (41) 0-1
l£w15 1 (58) vs BlindBird-ce (50) 0-1

Winner is BlindBird-ce

Congratulations, Happy Birthday Laurie hope you enjoyed my first ever tourny Smile
Thanks very much for the tourney Adam. You did great for your first tourney ever. Hope everyone enjoyed and thanks for playing and all the birthday wishes too.
Thanks for hosting u did well... hope you had a good day Hun on ur special day Smile x
happy birthday laurie hope you had a nice day Smile
Thanks Sarah and Chris. I was with friends on site so that makes it all worth it. It was a good tourney too so thanks everyone for playing. I had fun.
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