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Full Version: Go for the glory of winning tourney Sunday 01/21/08
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Eight players vied for the win. These players were (in no particular order)....Alek, Mike, Bob, Abby, Laurie, Dan, Game, and Phil. Thank you all for participating. Always fun huh : ))

Game number 1

Alek vs Game = 2 to 1 to Game
Mike vs Dan Dare = 2 to 1 to Mike
Abby vs Laurie = 2 to 0 to laurie
Bob vs Phil = 2 to 0 to Bob

Semi Final

Game vs Mike = 2 to 1 to Game
Lauri vs Bob = 2 to 1 to Bob


Bob vs Game = 2 to 1 to BOB

Very nice tourney Glory, thanks for hosting and nice posting. It was fun. Nice win Bob. Next time I'm up for more boys v girls so the girls can win. See you all soon.
Thx for hosting Glory. Nice win Bob
thanks bill , and laurie ; great tourney glory ty :)xx
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