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Rewards for Tourneys played.
3 tourneys per week Monday Wednesday Friday (flexible)
start time 9.30 pm on the dot late comers lose out no flexibility.
Winners to get 10 or 20 points added to the 'games won' total this figure to be decided by admin.
Winners cant play for the next 3 tourneys. this is to allow the less talented players to have a chance of winning.
Mods only will oversee.

This is all dependant on Bob being able to persuade the owners to agree and teach him how to change the numbers on 'Games Won' he can then teach the other mods.

There are players who only play for fun, this wont affect them at all. But the majority of players try to increase their ratings, this will give a lot of incentive to increase their ability and rating.

Also it might deter the players who re register frequently to increase their rating unfairly.

JUST AN IDEA (but I think a good one)
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