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Full Version: Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday Bob and Glory!!!
Hope you both have a very good day and many more to come. Can't imagine anyone who deserves a good time more than you two. Now go have a good time and live it up a little more than usual. And don't do anything I wouldn't do...leaves it wide open lol. Big Grin

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Bob and Glory. Happy Birthday to you.
hahaha ty laurie xxx Smile
[size=large][color=#006400][b]Well there's a thing Big Grin never even knew it was both of yer birthday's.

Bob, yer ma oldest pal on 8baller an ye like a wee dram, hope ye'v had a good day the day mate awrabest.
[Image: 331nbma.jpg]

Wee Glory, an ah dont even know yer age but ah wish ye all the best tae CoolTongueHeart
Here's a wee cake for ye xx
[Image: k0k58p.jpg]
Big Grin Happy Birthday BOB!!!

Thank you Laurie and Bud. Whisky, Cake and fun. What more could I want. Laurie I will certainly take that advice sooooooooooooooo….Cya laters alligators TongueBig GrinBig Grin
happy birthday gloryyyyy Smile xxx
thanks bud good idea Smile
happy belated birthdays BOB & GLORY hope yous had a good 1 Wink
Happy Birthday Bob ...hope it was a good one.

Happy Birthday Ms. G
(06-26-2019 09:28 PM)☁єgℓє ΘŁD☁ lsp Wrote: [ -> ]Happy Birthday Bob ...hope it was a good one.

Happy Birthday Ms. G
ty bill and becca Smile
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