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hey guys
by seeing the girls talk thread i thought why not we boys also make a thread like that for boys talk so here it goes Smile

we can talk about anything. cars , bikes , latest video game u played ,ur new gadget , ur new mobile , gym workouts , latest party , beer Tongue , hangover, night out , bachelors party , ur first crush , a girl u like Tongue ,about ur gf, breakup with ur gf , ur love , ur new haircut , ur body tattoo , piercing , friends , ur best friend . anything we want Smile , its our personal space on 8baller so be free to express yourself Smile
Lol gud one m8
Come here boys Smile
Lets see if girls can resist Tongue
Yh i bet thy wont b able to resist :-P
good job abhi..
bet this page will be like chocolate to them so hard to resist lol Tongue
Why are we talking about if girls can resist viewing this Thread when instead we could be talking about normal things like TV, game consoles, and chocolate? =D
Thats very true Abhi, I can't resist to look if there's something interesting reading in here Big Grin ..maybe something about us nice girls lol .. who knows? Angel Tongue Great idea from you to make a thread like us girls too, so go on chatting now guys Smile
Lol...nice thread and btw u guys neve gonna discuss anythin else except us Tongue
so enjoy ur convos we ll watch wot u guys are on Wink
No doubt about that Anna Tongue
bhuahahahahahaha.......!!! Boyzzzzzz rockksssssss \m/ \m/ \m/ Cool Cool Cool Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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