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Full Version: what tattoos u want or got show us
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hey i want to see your future tattoos or the ones you have right now mine suck but here they are.the picture are not the best.i have 10in total
[Image: tat.jpg]
[Image: tat2.jpg]
[Image: tat3.jpg]
yeah some bodge ups lol one on me put is in hospitable for 5days
haha no way lol your like them guys ya see in the tattoo shops, covered head to toe in them lol, ive got 2 n will try get pics of them now...
my uncle calls me a pin cushing let all the noobs tattoo me Confused
Here is one of mine that i had on facebook, will have to get a pic of other one, i got this one here and a liver bird with l.f.c under it ...

[Image: 21vurl.jpg]
nice get it done from the shops ?
nah, one of my mates did it as a practice thing, cost me £10 lol Smile Was sat there tryna watch Lee Evans pee'n meself laughin, wasnt good thing, back leg went a bit wonky coz of it lol
i got 10 and altogether they cost me 35 pound

Here's one of mine, got it done 7 years ago. £50, have another one of Hull City AFC with a Tiger which was £40 (and worth it - Up The Tigers!!)

Plenty of ink there [TJ]ΣXƤΓΣSSFISH ! £35 for the lot!! Confused, absolute bargain!!

that bulldogs good (×¢) Bogs Dollocks, reminds me of the one in early cartoonsBig Grin
love the shading on that one were is it at top of the arm?
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