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Reporting a player
10-30-2013, 12:15 PM (This post was last modified: 11-14-2013 11:45 AM by Sʋpєrηαтʋяαl.)
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Reporting a player

Two ways of reporting a player for abuse, name calling and swearing.

1. Report button in game.

- Take a screen shot of the abuse. Press Prt Sc button on the top right on your keyboard and then click the Start Menu and open Paint. Click on Paste on top left and save the picture.

- Go to any picture uploading site and upload the picture from your computer to get the direct link to it.

- It would be wise to have the game profile of the player that abused you open in another tab while uploading in case they change the nick in the meantime. If they do change the nick the report window would show 'Player not found'.

- Click the Report button on the top right (just above the chat box) and enter the players current nick and the reason for reporting them as well as that direct link of the screen shot you have taken.

[Image: 2gt5b8w.png]

2. Posting a thread in Account Help Center section of the Forums.

- For this you have to have an account on Forums. To register go to this link Register

- Go to this link Post a new thread in Account Help Center

- Enter the thread subject and type the reason for reporting in the text box below.

- It is very important that you include the link to their game profile here in case they change their nick in the meanwhile.

- Upload the screen shot you have taken as a proof. Get the direct link to the screen shot as described in the first paragraph.

Click on 'Insert image' like shown below.
[Image: 4q4ljq.png]

This will appear.
[Image: 2s7tkso.png]

Enter the link you have there, click OK and click on Post Thread.

The other way is to upload the picture directly from your computer. And add it as an attachment to your post.
[Image: 1zd20c5.png]

These are correct ways of reporting a player as we need to see the proof of abuse before banning. If you do it like this they won't be able to get away with it and changing the nick after abuse won't help.

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02-24-2014, 10:02 AM
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RE: Reporting a player
To all those who have done this...If you reported someone and said you got print screens...means nothing if you didn't include em in the report or posted em on forums coz we won't ban without seeing em anyway.
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