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Entering Another Persons Game
01-25-2015, 02:10 PM
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Entering Another Persons Game
I have been thinking about this for some time. I'm not sure if there has already been a post about this or not. After talking to a few other players I decided to post it. Maybe some are not aware of this.

When entering a game where 2 are playing I think it is important that:

1. Look first if you see lots of chat then say hi and be quiet because there is obviously a conversation going on between these two. But actually maybe a quiet exit would be better after the hello. If the conversation is really not important one of the two players will let you know I'm sure by greeting you etc.... but this does mean that you hog up the conversation. If you feel like this its better to go find your own game and talk there.

2. If you see no chat ....this is a BIG clue that no chat is wanted so starting up a conversation is rude. You might say something like "Do you mind if I watch?"

3. If you enter a game and one player asks you to leave. Even though it hurts a bit , the right thing to do would be to leave. If you don't it can possibly be very uncomfortable for the other player.

4. If you wish to play a game with one of these two already in a game ....I think the way you say it is important. Like i think saying "Next game Pam?" or "Game after this one Pam?"is also not good
Pam might be having a good game with this person and might not want to leave. or Pam might have just started playing this player and wants to play at least 3 , maybe more. games. Or maybe Pam does not want to play you for some reason.
By saying by my example above you put Pam in an awkward position and you possibly make Pam's opponent feel like they are not important. A better way in my opinion is to say " Hey Pam if you feel like a game with me ,,,,,,,when you are finished , just invite me ok. Well something like that anyway. But don't stay and demand an answer from Pam while she is currently in a game with another.

5. I think just entering a persons game to be nosy is not good either. What they are discussing may not be for public viewing. But those who do this know what I'm talking about. Before they say hello they read your conversation. If you see lots of chat between the two players a quick exit after hi would be a good thing to do.

Most players don't mind if you watch but they do mind if they feel disrespected or ignored in their own game. Don't go in someones game and talk away if you know they are distracted by this.
In my case i don't mind anyone watching but when these things have happened I have felt uncomfortable and i have had opponents close the game because of these mentioned rude things. This would not apply to tourney announcements and stuff like that. Also, might not apply to everyone for different reasons like for example the players and the person entering game are all good friends and no rudeness taken. Anyway....that's my opinion. : )))
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01-25-2015, 06:23 PM
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RE: Entering Another Persons Game
yes i quite agree with u
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01-26-2015, 10:50 AM
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RE: Entering Another Persons Game
very good point you mentioned here, it would be great if players follow these important things. that would be nice, polite and make people feel better about the game and about each other.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSOkMksUXe81J98W9nmdu4...TEelhpWwcQ]
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01-26-2015, 01:42 PM
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RE: Entering Another Persons Game
A very nice post from you Glory thanks, and I'm sure many has had a bad experience with one of or all of your points there ..including me.
I rarely go into others games unless they are very good friends to me, and I know they don't mind a visit from me, but I have no problems to just type rraawwwrrr!! or something like that and leave the room again if I see their chat is full or feel I interrupt something.
[Image: 35clypw.jpg]
I get very annoyed if a visitor come into my game without typing anything, and even I say "hello, you ok
?", or "can I help you with something?" they don't reply, but are obviously busy to read our chat instead and then leave again with a little hello or no answer at all Confused [Image: 4vjpjo.png]

It's also pretty unpleasant to be asked to play while I'm busy to play and chat with my opponent, and many times I answer politly that I want to play a few more games since I haven't seen him/her for a while. Then I'll be asked how many games I must have before we can play, so I feel forced to say a certain number, and then our visitor just stay in our room to count my games played or he/she is coming back regularly to check if I play more than I've said Dodgy Really disturbing me to relax and have a good time with my opponent and I don't feel at all to play our visitor after. [Image: r8wniu.jpg]

Many people find it relaxing to discuss something or argue with his/her other guest in my games for some reason and maybe I should be flattered, but actually I find it very rude to do so. [Image: 1z56luh.gif]

I hope many with that kind of behavior will read your post Glory and think twice next time they feel to give someone a visit Angel Smile

[Image: 2vj6002.jpg]

[Image: s6u3yq.jpg][Image: 14j3ihs.gif]
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