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General Tournament Rules
06-04-2010, 04:20 PM (This post was last modified: 06-06-2010 01:26 AM by Vii.)
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Question General Tournament Rules

We have decided to create a Thread about General Tournament Rules. In this Thread contains all the rules that you will need to know and obey before participating in any Tournaments. The reason we have started this is because we have noticed in quite a few Tournaments that there are always those 1-2 people that try to spoil the fun of other Tournament Participants by spamming and abusing them whilst playing. This also makes it hard for the Host to give out names of who is playing who when someone is spamming in the lobby. So please follow these rules.

No Guide
I'm sure many of you have heard of this before. In every Tournament that is hosted, this rule is applied. When inviting someone, you must make sure that you are inviting someone with the guide box un-ticked. If we catch you using guide in a Tournament match then you will be disqualified.

No Break
This is another rule that is applied for every Tournament that is hosted. For those that do not understand, the concept of "No Break" means that when you start a game, you cannot break the triangle completely until your opponent has scored a point. You may continue to nudge until you're able to score, other than that, do not smash into the balls hoping to pot. Once a point or points have been made, you're welcome to hit, smash, nudge all you want. If a player is seen breaking in games and doing this on purpose then again you will be disqualified.

We would like Tournament Players and spectators to enjoy being in a Tournament environment. If you are seen abusing players or anyone in the room at the time then you will be Booted. If you choose not to stop then it may result in a Ban.

Private Games
I know some of you may want to make your game private if you do not wish to let others talk and spam in a game that you're playing, but at the same time the Host needs to watch these games so that he/she is able to see who is winning. Someone could easily lie and say that they've won when they haven't but the Host wont know since he/she didn't see it. So make sure all games you invite are public and not private.

Chat Flooding
We will NOT tolerate any player attempting to stop the Tournament by spamming in the lobby or spamming in a players game. If you start spamming then you will simply be booted.

Game Disrupting
You are not allowed to disrupt Tournament Games. You may talk in their games whilst they are playing if they want but please do not talk too much like a motor mouth as you may annoy them and the game may then be classed as unfair.

If you are waiting to be matched up with someone, don't go storming off and throwing a tantrum. Just be patient, you have to give the host time to pair you all up fairly by comparing everyone's rating, and then putting winners through to the next round, etc..

Host says
Whatever the host says, goes. You cannot argue with the hosts decision, if you do not like the game type or who you are up against, then leave so that another player may get the opportunity to play instead.

Anyways, all the rules are listed above. Please read and memorise them if you wish to participate in any General Tournaments. Enjoy.
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