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Team Leaderboards help
04-23-2011, 09:37 AM (This post was last modified: 07-27-2011 09:54 PM by Sam.)
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Team Leaderboards help
How do i get my team ranked on the team leaderboards?
To get listed on the team leaderboards, your team and its members must meet the following criteria.
  • Your team needs at least 4 other members & a Team Leader
  • All your team members must have played the game in the last 7 days

Why do my team members need to login every 7 days?
This keeps the team leaderboard alot fairer. It stops one team dominating the leaderboard by adding a few high rated players and just sitting at the top of the leaderboard forever.

This is not how the team section should be used.

Now, if ALL of your team members do not login to the game within 7 days, you will not see your team getting ranked on the leaderboard.

But I have a huge team, how do I get them all to login?
Trim your team down to active players only. It's a TEAM, your all supposed to login, play games, play tourneys etc. TEAMS who dont login wont be ranked.

How do I know who has not been active on my Team?
Check out all of your team members profiles, it will say when they were last logged in, from there you will be able to find out which members are active within your team and which members are not.

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