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Site Rules
11-02-2011, 01:26 AM
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Site Rules
Site Rules (Game)

These rules are enforced by several Game Moderators, You will see them by clicking the info button on a user and see the words (Mod) or (Admin) before there name. Game Moderators have the ability to Boot players from the game, and Ban them. Any abuse towards these Moderators will not be tolerated.

No Swearing
The chat system has a built in swear word list, and will automatically block certain swear words.

No Flooding
Please do not flood when using the in game chat, this annoys other users.

No use of third-party software
Users found to be using third party software to affect the outcome of the game will be banned.

No attacking other users
Please do not attack other users. Players who are abusive to others will be deleted without notice.

Giving/Accepting Free Wins
Players found asking for, or accepting/giving wins from/to other players will be banned without notice, along with any other active accounts on ip.

Multiple Accounts
Players found having more than one account could see all their accounts getting automatically deleted.

Sharing Accounts
Giving out account usernames and passwords to other players so they can login as you will result in an instant ban placed on the account and any others you may have, the person logging into your account will also be banned.

These rules are here to ensure the game remains fair to all players and also to protect other users.

Game Moderators will ban player accounts at their own discretion, if players are thought to be cheating or involved with cheating. We reserve the right to terminate any account at our own discretion. In most cases you will be allowed to sign up another player account to continue to play pool with us, if you wish to.
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